Mapping to Reinvent the Organization

Building on the work of Frédéric Laloux, particularly his book “Reinventing Organisations”, we use mapping to define the key dimensions to work on during our coaching and training. This map combines spiral dynamics and the four dials model presented below, to offer a systemic perspective on organizations so as to provide a comprehensive response to the needs of our clients.

The Four Dials Model

Based on Ken Wilber’s integral theory, this model offers a systemic perspective on organizations along two axes: the internal/external axis, and the individual/collective axis. This provides four areas for coaching: individuals and their worldview (values and beliefs), individual behaviours, collective culture, and the organizational system (structure, processes, practices).

Spiral Dynamics

Developed by Clare W. Graves, this model captures change within organizations from the perspective of the evolution of consciousness across the different layers that make up the different paradigms of human, organizational, and individual evolution.

Circle Sociocratic Principles

A number of new organizational models are available, but we believe that none can be strictly applied without taking the specific context into consideration. This is especially the case if we hold agility and adaptability as desired values and prioritize emergence over control, structure, and planning. Drawing on the four sociocratic principles (the circle system, consent-based decision making, election by consent, and double linking), we focus on enabling organizations to apply each of these principles to meet their needs.

The Evolution Cycle of Organizations

Combining the work of Ichaz Adizes on the cycle of evolution of organizations with that of J.P Appello on innovation cycles, we have developed a frame of reference that enables us to recommend the best time to introduce a given tool of distributed governance in an organization, based on where that organization is in the innovation cycle.

The B Corp Impact Assessment

Developed by the NGO B Lab, the “Benefit Impact Assessment” measures the overall performance of your company through a questionnaire based on ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) criteria and the impact of your business model. This free and confidential tool allows you to compare your performance with over 10,000 organizations’ performance around the world. A score above 80 then enables you to enter the B Corp certification process.

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